Fearless builder balances on 100ft high rooftop in central London… without ANY safety equipment


This is the terrifying moment a shirtless workman was pictured “inches from death” after balancing on a roof edge on top of a four-storey building – without any safety equipment.

The builder was seen doing maintenance work on the top of a law building, approximately 100ft in the air above a central London street – without a harness.

The man was spotted repairing the roof for top firm Bark and Co, situated just yards from the newly revamped Blackfriars Bridge.

The builder on top of the 100ft high roof in Blackfriars, central London
The builder on top of the 100ft high roof in Blackfriars, central London

He was working on the project with another colleague and spent at least 20 minutes hammering away on the edge of the rooftop, balancing precariously on a slanted corner of the huge building, with his feet seemingly inches from the edge.

Local window cleaner Jimmy Moreno watched the pair from a friend’s nearby flat for about 20 minutes.

The 42-year-old, from Heathrow, said: “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was so stupid and dangerous.

The man had no shirt on and wasn't wearing safety equipment
The man had no shirt on and wasn’t wearing safety equipment

“There were two of them up there, but one seemed to just be working right on the edge.

“He was inches from death, and if he’d dropped a tool and it had hit someone, from that height they’d be goners too.

“As a window cleaner, the only thing more important to me than cleaning windows is safety.

“You always have to wear a harness, because even on the calmest of days it can get very windy very quickly on top of buildings.

“To see something like that made me feel physically sick.”

A representative from the top law firm confirmed they were having the roof repaired in June, and are investigating the conduct of their contractors.


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