Budget gets thumbs down from voters


Alistair Darling’s election budget has been given the thumbs down by voters, a survey revealed.

Almost half think yesterday’s budget won’t have any effect on the Labour Party’s chances of winning the election, with almost a quarter believing it will actually turn voters off the party.

And more than 56 per cent say they have no intention of re-thinking who they are going to vote.

Sixty-three per cent also admitted that it hasn’t changed their opinion of the Labour Party, while another 67 per cent still think of Gordon Brown in the same light.

More than a quarter said they now have a lower opinion of the Prime Minister in light of the budget.

The study also revealed that while 37 per cent don’t think the budget will really affect them personally, 24 per cent reckon they will be slightly worse off.

And almost one in five would rate Darling’s budget as bad overall.

However, a third of the 992 Brits polled by www.onepoll.com admit that while it isn’t great, it is necessary to cut deficits.

But just 11 per cent think Alistair Darling has done enough to help Britain out of recession.

The research also showed the Conservatives are favourites to win the election with 59 per cent saying they believe David Cameron will be moving into Number Ten in the summer.

Just 25 per cent believe the Labour Party will have another term in office

And 51 per cent think David Cameron is best-placed to control the country’s finances, while Gordon Brown got a third of the vote.


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