Buddhist monks use mobile APP to receive donations for new £1.3 million temple


Buddhist monks are receiving donations for their new £1.3 million temple — with a mobile phone app.

Savvy disciples at the Dhammapadipa Temple in Edinburgh are using the iZettle – a card reader attached to mobile phones – to fund their new home.

It is another way to allow them to receive donations in addition to the traditional way of people placing money in a donation box at the temple.

Abbot Watana Somboon, 36, said: “Ideally we would appoint lay people to use the card device, after which the monk blesses the person who has given the donation.

“But even if there is no lay person in the temple, the monks can use this.

Nina Fernstrom, strategic partnership developer at iZettle, said: “We’re delighted to be helping with the monks’ efforts to raise money for a new building in Edinburgh.

“It’s fantastic that this community, with its ancient roots, is embracing new technology.”


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