BT phone engineer battered love rival over the head 100 times with a HAMMER

David Gill
David Gill

A BT phone engineer has been jailed for life for murdering a love rival by battering him over 100 times – with a HAMMER.

David Gill, 50, flew into a jealous rage and attacked Ian Cammack, 35, before bludgeoning him to death at his home.

He broke into the flat in Hyson Green, Nottingham, on December 28 last year sparked by Mr Cammack’s relationship with Carol Jamieson.


Ian Cammack
Victim: Ian Cammack



David Gill
Murderer: David Gill

A court heard Gill had been friends with her for years but never had a relationship together despite his “strong feelings” for her.

Ms Jamieson met Mr Cammack in February 2013, but after several months together, she suspected he was stealing from her.

As a result Gill smashed his way into the bedsit armed with the heavy hammer looking for a stolen phone and launched a brutal attack on Mr Cammack.

He “ferociously” hit his victim a total of 104 times with the weapon – causing numerous shocking injuries and his lungs to COLLAPSE.

The court heard he also suffered a fractured sternum, fractured shoulders, a broken jaw, bruises on his head, a broken vertebrae, multiple broken ribs, two broken arms and fractures to his hands.

Chillingly, after Gill found the phone he returned it to her, saying: “He won’t be texting you again, I’ve broken his knuckles.”

Mr Cammack’s landlord found the victim’s body while carrying out routine checks lying on the bed next to a pool of blood.

On Tuesday (1/7) at Nottingham Crown Court Gill pleaded guilty to murder, was jailed for life and told he he would serve a minimum of 19 years.

Sentencing Mrs Judge Justice Thirlwall said: “You kicked the door down.

“You then carried out upon Cammack a ferocious, brutal, sustained attack with the hammer.

“In excess of 100 injuries to the body were caused. It’s plain the attack must have taken some time.

“You broke fingers on his left hand and a finger on his right hand. You fractured his left and right arms.

“You broke his ribs in many places and the chest bone which fractured too.

“He could not breathe properly, as a result he died.

“As you were leaving he asked you to call an ambulance, you did not do that and so it was his landlord found him dead in his bedroom.”

Prosecutor Peter Joyce QC told the court Mr Cammack’s lungs had collapsed and he was unable to breath.

He added: “At the end of the attack, Ian Cammack asked the defendant to call an ambulance for him.

“He did not. He left him to die.”

Gill was arrested after traces of blood were found in his car, and on his jumper, shoes and broken reading glasses.

The court heard that softly-spoken Gill from Ruddinton, Notts., had formerly been in the Territorial Army and had lived a faultless life until this point.

After the case Detective Chief Inspector Rob Griffin, from Nottingham Police, said: “Not only was this a brutal attack with a deadly weapon, it was sustained, proven by the number of injuries found on Mr Cammack’s body.

“While it won’t bring him back, I hope the sentence means his family can now get some closure and move on with their lives.”


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