Brothers sells date with sister on eBay


A cheeky brother desperate to get his older sister a date and help her find love has put her up for sale – on EBAY.

Policeman Simon Lloyd, 28, put shocked sister Becky on the internet auction site as a ‘joke’ surprise for her 30th birthday.

Becky, nicknamed ‘Beans’, is advertised as ”a lively old girl who enjoys a good night out” on the site with all proceeds going to the NSPCC.

The hilarious ad also states: ”Becky would be looking for a long term relationship, marriage and possibly children at some stage.

”Previous relationships, marriage or children is not a problem. Beggars can’t be choosers!”

Simon, a policeman from Hereford, placed the ad after ribbing his sister about not finding a man.

Father-of-two Simon said: ”We made a deal that if Becky was still single by the time she met the ripe old age of 30 then it was over to me to find her a suitable gent.

”Local searches have been made but so far are not proving fruitful.

”Your choice of profession is flexible. Ideally owning a butchers or several foreign properties for cheap family holidays.”

Simon put the ad on eBay last Saturday (May 29) the day after his sister’s 30th birthday.

So far there have been three bids – the highest being just £1.25 – but fellas have until Saturday to win a date with the petite brunette.

Men who are interested are warned they need a decent salary who enjoys beer and rugby.

The ad reads: ”I am looking to find her a male partner (preferably human) for her spend the rest of her days cooking and cleaning for.

”She is a lively old girl and enjoys a good night out so it is essential that you have the ability to drink copious amounts of beer!

”An interest in rugby would be an advantage but not essential as you could always be educated in any of the nearby local pubs.

”Whilst at these pubs you would also be expected to put your hand in your pocket so a high and stable salary is definitely needed.”

Becky, who works as a nurse in Bristol, is also said to make up for her lack of height with her ”spirit and mouth”.

The ad reads: ”Becky is a fully qualified nurse and has been for some years now.

”Although not the tallest lass, what she lacks in height she makes up for in spirit and mouth.

”She has been known to give persons long term tinnitus when cheering on which ever rugby team takes her fancy that particular day.

”So it may be an advantage to be slightly hard of hearing!

”So if you’re a partially deaf, wealthy butcher with a keen interest in beer and rugby then please do not hesitate to drop me a line. I’m keen for a quick sale.”

Becky said: ”At this moment in time I’m fine, but at first I was slightly like, ‘Oh My God, someone’s going to buy me’!

”We’ll just see what happens. I’m not expecting anything out of it whatsoever.”

All proceeds from the auction will be donated to children’s charity the NSPCC.


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