British troops issued with teddy bears to help them recover from Afghan ordeal


Brit squaddies injured in Afghanistan are being issued with TEDDY BEARS to help them recover.

A charity which raises cash for injured soldiers has dished out hundreds of bears to servicemen at Birmingham’s Selly Oak Hospital.

Al Sutton, co-founder of Charity Troop Aid, said: ”The soldiers absolutely love them – it’s amazing to see these grown men in bed with teddy bears.

”The job they do is very demanding but it shows that they also have feelings.

”The teddies have become very popular and we provide a lot each week. The majority of soldiers want one.”

One soldier, who was injured in a blast in Helmand Province, said the toys provided ”a comfort”.

He said: ”When I woke up in hospital I was looking for a gun because I thought I was still fighting.

”There’s no doubt that every little bit of comfort you get helps.”

The MoD confirmed the toys – which stand 30cm (12in) tall and show a bear saluting wearing a beret and medal – were aiding recovery.

Welfare officer Linda Stokes said: ”The teddy bears are very popular and many soldiers have even asked for them.

”They are given to them when they are on the ward along with other boys’ toys such as energy balls, playing cards and Rubik’s Cubes.

”When the soldiers come into Selly Oak Hospital they are often in a very bad was so it’s wonderful to see that something as simple as a teddy bear can bring a smile to their faces.

”They are also seen a symbol of public support.”


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