British students and UK newcomers will be prepared for interviews at leading companies of the country.


When you are looking for your dream job it is essential to show yourself in your best light at the job interview. In todays competitive job market, you need to make your CV stand out so that the employer can spot you from the crowd and invite you for an interview. Here are a few tips to make you a top candidate. 

When you are applying for the job of your life, little things matter, the first step is to create a short but informative CV that would impress the employer. Don’t use too many general phrases. Emphasize your strengths, highlight your skills and focus on how your experience can help you achieve desired aims at this job position.

When you have been appointed an interview, don’t be late and make sure your outfit matches the occasion. Make sure you have done your research and know the company’s background. An internet search will help research the company and will make you feel confident in the interview. Think over the questions you might want to ask the employer. Do not feel nervous and double-check if any points of the job offer seem to be unclear.

However, if you really want to get a dream job and feel unsure if you are ready to approach the company yourself it can be better to get help from the recruitment agencies. In this case, the highly skilled HR’s will guide you to find the best offers on the market. They will also check on your CV and assess your chances before you apply for the job and point out what assets you should mention during the interview, teach you to present yourself to get the desired offer.

If you are a graduate or a newcomer to the jb market, “Start Tomorrow Recruitment” HR agency will help you navigate through the UK job market and get professional counselling throughout the job application process. In cooperation with over 100 British companies, including top recruitment agencies, technology brands, logistics, and hospitality companies, the agency will provide you access to the best vacancies.