British serviceman furious that sex fiend who abuse family is freed before Christmas


A British serviceman in Afghanistan is furious that a sex fiend who abused his wife and teenaged stepdaughter as they slept is to be freed early in time for Christmas.

British serviceman furious that sex fiend who abuse family is freed before Christmas

The anonymous hero is powerless to protect his family from pervert Jason Moulding, who had his five-year prison sentence slashed by the Court of Appeal.

Moulding, 32, crept into the serviceman’s house in December 2008 and carried out vile sex assaults on his sleeping wife and 14-year-old stepdaughter.

He was jailed for five years in July 2009 but is due to be released back onto the streets of Swindon, Wilts., after judges decided his prison term was too long.

The serviceman says his family will spend Christmas ‘looking over their shoulders’ while he is thousands of miles away in Helmand Province and unable to protect them.

In a letter to his local newspaper, he wrote: ”Christmas has never been the same since he devastated my family two years ago and now I am spending this Christmas in Afghanistan knowing he is walking free.

”My family are to spend their Christmas looking over their shoulder and are virtually prisoners in their own home not knowing if this individual will strike again.”

The serviceman and his family cannot be named as they have legal anonymity as the victims of a sex crime.

Moulding crept into the family’s home in Stratton, Swindon, shortly before 3am on December 21, 2008.

He sexually assaulted the mother who was alseep on the sofa before sneaking upstairs into the 14-year-old’s bedroom.

Moulding performed a sex act in front of the sleeping child before touching her under the covers.

Nikki Wootton, prosecuting at Swindon Magistrates’ Court in January 2009, said: ”The girl can be described as being in a deep sleep.

”She was able to feel a hand on her mattress, then on her. She started to come out of deep sleep but at that stage she wasn’t fully aware of what was going on.

”She felt someone touching her thigh and moving up towards her breasts.

”She managed to pick up her mobile phone and switched on the light illuminating this man, the defendant, in her room. She was extremely distressed and screamed out.”

Moulding then put his hand over her face and pushed her down onto the pillow.

Her stepfather, who was asleep in the main bedroom, was awoken by her screams and chased Mould out of the house.

Miss Wootton added: ”The stepfather did manage to give chase for a short time but was unsuitably dressed.

”He went back in to get dressed and continue the pursuit. And the mum was already taking steps to phone the police.”

Moulding was traced by DNA at the scene and jailed for five years at Swindon Crown Court in July 2009 after admitting two counts of sexual assault and trespass with intent to commit a sexual offence.

He claimed to have ‘blacked out’ before committing his crimes due to excessive drink, but also told a psychiatrist that a voice in his head told him to attack his victims.

In recognition of the danger he posed, he was also given a five-year ‘extended licence’ period, during which he could be closely monitored and recalled to prison if he put a foot wrong after his release.

But the pervert appealed against his sentence and in July this year three Court of Appeal judges decided his sentence was ”too long” given his lack of previous sexual offences.

Moulding’s custodial term and the extended licence period were cut to four years, meaning he can be released this week after serving half his sentence including time on remand.

The serviceman has now written an open letter to the Swindon Advertiser newspaper to warn residents of the danger that is now stalking their streets.

It reads: ”I am the father of the daughter and the husband of the mother who this pervert assaulted almost two years to the day. I’m unsure if you are aware but he is to be released back into the Swindon community this week after his successful appeal for which the judge believed his original sentence too severe!

”Christmas has never been the same since he devastated my family two years ago and now I am spending this Christmas in Afghanistan knowing he is walking free. My family are to spend their Christmas looking over their shoulder and are virtually prisoners in their own home not knowing if this individual will strike again.

”Despite restrictions being placed on him, I still fear for my family’s safety as he is so unpredictable. I am not telling you what you should print in your paper, but I do believe the public of Swindon has a right too know.”

Both the Ministry of Justice and Prison Service refused to comment on individual cases.

But a Prison Service spokesman said: ”The Criminal Justice Act 2003 provides for the release of all prisoners at the halfway point of their sentence.

”If an offender is given a determinate sentence from the courts they are automatically released at the half way point and then subject to strict supervision in the community for the remainder of their sentence.”


  1. The soldiers that have already returned KNOW WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE, this soldier is far away fighting for the rights and freedoms of his country …those military that have come home? What would you want done if it were YOU in his boots? Your judicial have thrown this family under a bus, any guy who would break into a home will do it again..he is addicted to the compulsion and wont be as willing to leave his victims alive the next the next family the grief and heartache…the guy needs to disappear, no one will notice..

    • What a load of bull! why does that make you any different threating a life there are to many people in this world that think they are god but they are just as bad scum! what gives you the right to decide he will commit the crime again and should be so called sorted,

      • Ehhhh… well unlike the bag of human excrement mentioned in the article, I would assume Valigator has NOT been commited of sexual assault.

        I think it’s time to stop the foolishness and put a stop to sexual offenders by means of castration.

  2. leave him alone you scum bags his done his time so fuck off all of you wankers there is worse pedos out there so fuck off and i no you

  3. What you all should know about Valerie Parkhurst (aka Valigator) is that she is vigilante from Davie/coral springs Florida. She has her own criminal record dating back to 1996 for assualt, followed by another run-in with the law in 2007. She was arrested when a sex offender attempted to confront her about handing out flyers about him in their neighborhood. Now I don’t know about you all, but, sex offender or not, if someone were walking around further smearing my name around the block, ild be pretty upset and would DEMAND an explanation for this uncalled-for behavior. Well that’s not what the offender found. Instead, he found himself facing down the barrel of FIRST a glock, to which I guess old thought wasn’t enough, si she went and got a shotgun and returned to this incidence. Well come to find out, you can’t just pull your guns on people you don’t like, especially when those guns had no permit, leading to old Val’s arrest. Do yourselves a favor and look up Valerie parkhurst, and ask yourselves, is this someone I would want living next to me and my kids?! This public service announcement is brought to you by a convicted sex offender. My crime- consentual sex with a 15 year old girl, when I was 18, and almost 12 years ago. I don’t mind telling you all this because anyone and everyone who knows me knows what a CROCK both my case is, and the American judicial system has become.

  4. Definately in Trowbridge, hangs around with other drunks! You know who you are, how can you be friends with this sex case. He should do the right thing and kill himself, there is no cure for paedophilia. Sorry there is one – so DO It you sick sick animal!


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