Is this Britain’s answer to Justin Bieber? Teenager’s break-up song racks up 350,000 YouTube views


A teenage British singer is being hailed the next Justin Bieber after posting a song about losing a girlfriend on YouTube – which has been viewed 350,000 times.

Charlie Jones, 14, is already well on his way to becoming a pop idol after the young heartthrob’s debut video went viral.

The song, Belieber For Life, is about the frustrations of a young man after his girlfriend breaks up with him because she’s in love with Justin Bieber.

Hundreds of thousands of ‘Beliebers’ – fans of the Canadian pop brat – have flocked to Charlie’s YouTube channel to listen to the catchy tune, based on real life heartbreak.

It has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times and Charlie, a Year 9 pupil, now gets swamped by girls when he’s out in his home town of Welling, south east London.

He also has Twitter from all over the world and celebrity followers such as Pixie Lott and Mark Wright.

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Justin Bieber himself first hit the big time after home videos of him performing were put on YouTube by his mum.

Charlie said: “Belieber for Life is about actual events. To so many girls my age, Justin Bieber really is the love of their life, and it’s hard to compete with a global megastar.

“The song is my reaction to that. I hope to one day be bigger than Bieber. I’m not interested in his personal life at all, I just love his music.”

Proud mum Julie, 44, first noticed her son’s talent when he was just eight years old.

She said: “One day we saw him in a school production and he just came out with a microphone and we were just blown away by his voice. We had no idea.

“He started playing the guitar aged about eight and uploaded a few videos onto YouTube but now he’s officially signed to a label.

“I’m not musical at all but he’s got a real knack for hearing a song once and being able to play it again.”

He added: “The best things about the video going big is being recognised on the street.

“It feels weird when strangers know who you are, but every time it happens I get a buzz. I’m working on my album next, which I hope will be a success.”


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