British Hypnotist Jonathan Royle Seeks Trance to Heal the Planet & Set New World Record


hypnoBritish Hypnotherapist & Celebrity Mind Therapy Practitioner Jonathan Royle, aged 41 of Rochdale, Greater Manchester is aiming to change the life’s of millions of people around the globe on World Hypnotism Day during a 90 minute long Facebook Live Video Broadcast, which it is hoped will set a New Record for the World’s most attended Online Group Hypnotherapy Session.

He hopes that as World Hypnotism Day is on Wednesday 4th January 2017, that as well as helping people to stick to their New Years Resolutions, the Facebook Live Virtual Online Treatment Session could also help potentially Millions of people around the globe to change their life’s for the better as they overcome any Habits, Addictions, Fears, Phobias, Emotional Issues and even possibly Health problems they may have.

The Session which is free for all to attend will be broadcast by Facebook Live Video at 7pm (UK GMT) British Time on the evening of Wednesday 4th January 2017.

Participants will benefit from receiving Free treatment in the form of Royle’s own Unique approaches of Complete Mind Therapy (CMT) combined with Mind Emotion Liberation Techniques (MELT) enabling them to positively overcome any issues they may have from A through to Z.

The Facebook Live Video broadcast will start at 7pm Prompt (UK Time) and it will run until approx 8-30pm (UK GMT) directly from the Facebook page of

Also During The Facebook Live Video Broadcast You Will:

*Experience The Power of Your Own Mind To Stick You to your chair so that you are then unable to Stand up…

*Discover That Your Fingers Can turn into Magnets and take on a life of their own…

*Imagine that your hands are locked together and then turn this imagination into reality in the most amazing manner…

*Find that you are able to take control of your own mind in ways you never thought possible and along the way prove this to yourself by mentally locking, welding and cementing your eyes shut together….

*Using your Powers of Intelligence, Imagination and Concentration Effectively to follow the simple instructions you will be given during the FACEBOOK LIVE VIDEO BROADCAST you could also potentially overcome or positively improve any Habits, Addictions, Fears, Phobias or other Emotional and/or Health issues you may have from A through to Z in a positive manner.

This is Your Trance To Change Your Life For The Better.

In an aim to help heal the planet and at the same time set a New World Record for the largest ever online group Hypnotherapy Session, it would be hugely appreciated if you could spread the word about this event and invite everybody you know on Facebook to the official events page at


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