Former nurse Kathleen Batten who has been charged £5k for NHS treatment. See SWNS story SWBILL: A British ex-nurse who lived in the UK for 66 years has been landed with a £5,000 NHS bill for emergency treatment – after being told she “doesn’t qualify” for free healthcare. Kathleen Batten, 83, who was born here but moved to Boston, USA last year, was rushed to hospital after she suffered a heart attack when visiting home for her sister’s funeral. She was kept in for a week – but before she was due to fly back, staff at Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton, Somerset handed her a bill for £4,617. Grandmother-of-nine Kathleen, who worked at the very same hospital as a registered nurse and sister, was told: “You’ve got to pay because you’re an overseas visitor’.”

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