British billionaire Alki David will honour $1 million Barack Obama streaking pledge


British-educated billionaire Alki David, who pledged one million dollars to anyone who streaked in front of Barack Obama, today promised to honour the bet.
Juan James Rodriguez streaked at a Barack Obama rally

Shipping magnate Alki David made the barmy offer in a bid to promote his website

Juan James Rodriguez (pictured above) daubed the address of the website across his chest before streaking at a Barack Obama rally in Philadelphia on Monday.

Speaking from Los Angeles Alki David, 42, who is Britain’s 45th richest man, described the prank as ”outrageous” and ”fun”.

He said: ”We are all delighted and very excited. We are hoping to do a big cash fanfare.

”We are waiting for formal confirmation that the President heard him and we are trying to get that straight from the horse’s mouth through friends of mine who are diplomats within the Greek Embassy.

”One of the rules of the escapade was that the President heard him. Other rules were he had to be naked, have the name of the website across his chest and scream six times and be within earshot and eyesight of the President then upload it onto the website.

”It seems like he has passed the test. When I saw him I laughed a lot. I thought it was very fun and very outrageous. I thought it was brilliant.

”I respect Barack Obama greatly and admire the integrity he put back into the office of president. This prank has nothing to do with Barack Obama, it’s a publicity stunt.

”He absolutely deserves the money. If you put this in relative terms the publicity that this will get, particularly when we hand over the cash, will be worth one million dollars.

”We have many great pranks in the coming weeks but we can’t really say anything until its time get people on board.”

Mr Rodriguez, 24, is reportedly intending to share his million dollar prize with four others, including his girlfriend, who helped him pull the stunt off.

Since was set up in May this year it has already paid out more than 250,000 dollars in prizes.

A competition to encourage people to get tattoos of the website’s name led to 107 people being paid 1,500 dollars each to have the letters permanently inked onto them which were 6 inches high.


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