British actress Louisa Faye lands role in Bandit Hound II

British actress Louisa Faye
British actress
British actress Louisa Faye
British actress Louisa Faye

British actress was celebrating this week after landing a rolealongside the original Incredible Hulk Lou Ferrigno and Breakfast Club’s Judd Nelson.

Louisa Faye will star in the sequel ‘Bandit Hound II’ directed by Michelle Danner. She will then also appear in Michelle’s documentary on acting.

‘I’m over the moon to be back as LISA!,’ Louisa tweeted.

Michelle has worked with a whole range of A-listers from James Franco, Zooey Deschanel, and Gerard Butler to Penelope Cruz.

After a fantastic few years in London, Louisa moved to Los Angeles at the start of this year and has been landing role after role in short films, television series’, network pilots and web-series.

No-one was surprised when she landed the role of Lisa in the feature film ‘The Bandit Hound’, Ms Faye’s ongoing success was expected by many watching her career boom.


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