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Britain’s worst driver is still on the road… even after racking up 54 POINTS


Britain’s worst driver is still on the road – despite racking up a whopping 54 POINTS.

Keith Baldock, 34, was found stealing petrol on FIVE occasions and each time discovered to be driving without insurance.

But because of confusion over his offending history the father-of-two has been allowed to keep his licence.

Baldock was slapped with 30 points last November but ‘soft’ judge Nigel Van Der Bijl allowed him to keep his licence – despite being way over the 12 points mark.

Canterbury Crown Court was told Baldock’s Jobseekers’ Allowance had been stopped and he had turned to stealing out of “desperation” so he could feed his family.

Judge Van Der Bijl said: “I am making no order for disqualification because if he is looking for work he will need a car.”

Baldock was given a 12-month supervision order, a two-month curfew order and told to repay the money within a year.

But it has now emerged that at that hearing the judge was not aware of 24 points already on Baldock’s licence – taking him to an astonishing 54.

It was only when DVLA bosses wrote to the court informing them of the mistake the judge was asked to review the case.

Now because of the mix up the courts cannot confiscate Baldock’s licence and he is free to drive on the roads.

The law states sentences can only be changed within 56 days of the original ruling and the new information came too late for Judge Van Der Bijl to reverse his decision.

Francis Lloyd, prosecuting, told the court on Monday: “I think at the earlier hearing that he was not disqualified, but in fact he should have been disqualified unless there was exceptional hardship.

“Unfortunately there is not a great deal we can do about it now. He is a lucky fella.”

Judge Van Der Bijl replied: “A lucky man indeed. Case closed.”

Baldock holds the record of the most penalty points of any driver legally behind the wheel.

He is nine points clear of his closest challenger, a Liverpool driver, who racked up 45 between October 2012 and June 2013.



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