Sam Lindo from the Camel Valley Vineyard in Nanstallon, Cornwall, starts this years harvest. The vineyard has seen a bumper crop this year and believe it is thanks to the fantastic summer weather. See SWNS story SWWINE: Vineyards across Britain have enjoyed bumper crop this year due to the sizzling summer weather. The scorching sunshine put a smile back on the faces of Britain’s winemakers after the summer provided perfect weather conditions for producing British wine – a welcome relief after the country suffered its wettest summer for a century last year. The award-winning Camel Valley Vineyard, which is situated in the heart of the Cornish countryside, has enjoyed one of their best harvests to date. Sam Lindo, chief winemaker on the vineyard, said: “It’s been an excellent summer for us. We had temperatures above 30 degrees during our flowering period at the end of June and beginning of July which we’ve never had before. This provided us with ideal weather conditions to produce an excellent crop.”

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