91-year-old Donald McMaster from Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire, who keeps himself busy by appearing as a TV extra. 26 Nov 2012. For most pensioners in their 90s, watching TV is a popular pastime — but Donald McMaster prefers something a little extra. Great-grandfather Donald, 91, is the country’s oldest ‘extra’, with a host of TV titles to his credit. He appears in River City on a regular basis and over the last four decades he has appeared in blockbuster movies and top TV shows like Still Game, Chewin’ The Fat, Taggart and The High Road. Donald, from Faifley near Clydebank, has become a memorable face in the background of many shows, starring as a lawyer, a soldier, a minister and a policeman. He has even appeared in films like A Shot At Glory, which starred Robert Duvall, and Kidnapped alongside Michael Caine. Despite taking a back seat in terms of speaking parts, Donald still makes money from old shows and has even been stopped in the street by people who recognise him from the TV.

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