Nazar Singh Gill who celebrated his 111th birthday on the 8th June with bottle of his whisky. Britain’s oldest man has beaten an infection and made a fully recovery to celebrate his 111TH birthday – with a pint of and a whisky chaser.Great-grandfather Nazar Singh was born on June 8, 1904 and has lived through two World Wars, the Titanic, the first moon landing and the invention of colour television. He grew up in Punjab, India, and moved to England in 1965 to work as a foundry moulder and lived in Walsall for almost 25 years before retiring to Sunderland in 1989. The centenarian has nine children, 34 grandchildren and 64 great-grandchildren and was married to his wife, Narajan Kaur, for 70 years before she died 12 years ago, aged 90. He has never had an operation, retains some of his original teeth and has perfect hearing. Mr Singh’s son, Chain Singh Gill, 62, said the secret to his father’s longevity is a healthy lifestyle and the odd glass of whiskey. He also revealed he likes to drink milk and almond oil, regularly eats fruit and sleeps for ten hours every night.

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