Connie Rose Seabourne, aged 2, who was diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome at her home in Morley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, on 3 September 2015. Pictured during a modelling shoot. See Ross Parry copy RPYMODEL : An adorable toddler with a special smile is aiming to be Britain’s next TOT model after being snapped up by a casting agency. Little Connie-Rose Seabourne, who turns two in October and has been described as “very cheeky” by her mum, wows people everywhere she goes with her wide eyes and happy face. Mum Julie Britton is incredibly proud of her beautiful daughter who is being put forward for commercial adverts in major shops and TV work. Connie-Rose was born two months premature but wasn’t diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome until she was two weeks old – something that didn’t faze Julie, 42, or her partner Peter Seabourne, 44, at all.

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