Britain’s naughtiest boy, 6, is expelled from TWO primary schools

Luca Cartlidge, 6, and his mum Michelle
Luca Cartlidge, 6, and his mum Michelle


Luca Cartlidge, 6, and his mum Michelle
Luca Cartlidge, 6, and his mum Michelle

A tiny tearaway – dubbed ‘The Hulk’ by his own mum – has been booted out of TWO primary schools – aged SIX.

Luca Cartlidge was expelled from his first school for repeatedly shouting out in class and running away during sport’s day.

Shockingly, he was also banned from the classroom just months after starting his new school after he attacked a teacher during morning registration.

He was suspended from school and is now taught in isolation before his mum Michelle picks him up every day.

Michelle, 34, who gave up her job as a social worker to look after Luca, believes her son may be suffering from Autism and ADHD which is why he acts out.

She is now appealing for the local education authority to appraise him to see if he needs to attend a special school.

The mum-of-one, from Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffs., said: “He can quickly go into a temper and he is like The Hulk. That can last anything from 10 minutes to one hour.

“He goes bright red and he could be capable of murder during them and he wouldn’t know.

“He then goes really pale afterwards and he is always really apologetic but he can’t seem to control it.

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“He needs help but the school’s approach is to punish him.”

Pint-sized Luca, who started school 18 months ago, was expelled from St Chad’s Church of England Primary School in Newcastle-under-Lyme last September.

He was given the boot after he ran away during a sport’s day at the start of term and led teachers on a two mile chase through the streets before they finally caught him.

Luke has been booted out of two primary schools for his bad behaviour
Luke has been booted out of two primary schools for his bad behaviour

Prior to him being expelled he had been sent home ten times and was put into isolation on two occasions after he made threats to staff and pupils.

One teacher was left so traumatised they refused to teach Luca again and even threatened to quit if they were forced to have the youngster in their class.

He was then transferred to Friarswood Primary School, also in Newcastle-under-Lyme, in December but last month he was suspended for trying to punch a teacher.

After Michelle begged staff to help her son, Luca is now taught on his own at the school for 30 minutes a day by a teaching assistant.

The desperate mum is now home-schooling Luca while she tries appeals for help with her wayward son.

She said: “At St Chad’s he had only been there a week in September when he got excluded. They had just started back in Year 1 after being in reception.

“I was being called while I was at work every day and had to get to the school early every day to collect him because he had been having problems.

“He was usually hitting teachers and pupils because he was having one of his meltdowns.

“Although he’s loud himself, he doesn’t like loud noises and he can’t cope with large numbers of people. He would hit out, at other children and his teachers.

“He was sent home about 10 times and excluded twice but he was finally expelled a year after he started when he ran off on sports day.

“He got out and was running off down the road. He was then out of school for three months.

“I did have home schooling, a teacher came for one hour a day but then they refused to come.

“He started at Friarswood but he has been excluded from there. He is now getting 30 minutes a day.

“I have had to leave my job to teach him at home but I am worried his education is suffering.

“Ultimately, I would now like Luca placed at a special school with staff geared up to meet his needs as he is not coping in mainstream education.

“It has been a nightmare. When he was 18-months-old, he stopped sleeping and he would rock and shout all night long, that was the first I noticed he was different.

“Everything has to be on routine with Luca, or he has a meltdown.”

Staffordshire County Council confirmed it was looking into Luca’s case.

Councillor Ben Adams, cabinet member for learning and skills, said: “We are committed to ensuring all children and young people with special educational needs and
disabilities receive the help they need at the right time and in the right manner.”

Both schools declined to comment.


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