Britain’s Most Famous Butcher Has Created The Biggest Christmas Roast EVER – Stuffing 14 Different Birds Inside A Turkey

Scott Rea Britain's preparing 14 bird turkey dinner which he then wrapped in bacon.
Scott Rea Britain's preparing 14 bird turkey dinner which he then wrapped in bacon.
Scott Rea Britain’s preparing 14 bird turkey dinner which he then wrapped in bacon.

Britain’s most popular butcher has made the biggest Christmas roast by stuffing 14 different birds inside a turkey – before wrapping it in bacon.

Scott Rea wowed viewers by creating his “15 bird roast” by layering it with stuffing and placing 14 smaller birds inside the turkey – all from his garden shed.

The butcher has racked-up 30 million YouTube views by calmly dissecting animals and creating ‘frankenfoods’ like the turducken, which is a duck in a chicken inside a turkey.

The 44-year-old gets messages of praise from his 130,000 subscribers who regularly ‘have a butchers’ at his mouth-watering clips.

Scott Rea Britain's most popular butcher
Scott Rea Britain’s most popular butcher

Scott has also gained adoring meat fans from all over the world, including Equatorial Guinea and Afghanistan.

His home-made videos, posted under the name ‘The Scott Rea Project’, last around half-an-hour and show him hacking carcasses on his chopping block, based at the end of his garden.

This week he made a Christmas speciality, the the multi-bird roast which included a goose, pheasant, guinea fowl, poussin, wigeon, pigeon, quail, woodcock, snipe, partridge, teal, Gressingham duck, chicken and a mallard – all stuffed inside a turkey.

The most birds ever stuffed inside a turkey on video was ten by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall at River Cottage.

In the video Scott said: “We’re going to be doing something cool, it’s bordering on lunacy, but it’s cool. It’s what I like to call culinary engineering. It’s absolutely nuts.”

In the 22-minute video he starts by boning the 15 birds and lays the cuts of meat out on his chopping block, before making his own stuffing with sausage meat, breadcrumbs, cranberries, herbs, and orange zest.

Scott then lays out the turkey before smothering his stuffing around the inside of the bird.

He then places the goose breast down the middle of the turkey before adding the duck and chicken on top, then adding another stuffing layer before placing guinea fowl on top.

Next on board is the wild mallard, the wigeon, followed by the teal and pheasant tucked down the sides.

The last bird to go in is a whole snipe placed on top.

Scott Rea Britain's preparing 14 bird turkey dinner
Scott Rea Britain’s preparing 14 bird turkey dinner

Scott then ties the turkey together with string and wraps his creation in strips of bacon.

He then says: “Building a 15-bird behemoth – it’s rock ‘n’ roll baby. I’m a poet and I didn’t know it. Look how ridiculous that is. I’m blown away with how it’s turned out.”

Scott, from Worcester, uploaded his first video of him butchering a pig three years ago and it now has three million views.

The wholesale butcher, who has been working in the trade for 29 years, said: “It’s been a long journey.

“When I started I had no idea of how far it would go, it has been absolutely nuts. I have created a movement of people who are really interested in butchery.

swns_meat_birds_05“When I started a lot of YouTube was a lot of people larking around, so to start with such a specialist area was a big risk as you never know how it’s going to go down with viewers or vegans or vegetarians.

“I was worried no one would want to watch this, some of the videos are 30 minutes long but they stick with the whole thing.

“But I’ve not had any negativity online. I’ve even had vegans get in contact with me and say they don’t eat meat but if they did this is how they would do it.

“Which is great, I get about 250 messages a day from places in the world I’ve never heard of.”

Scott Rea
Scott Rea

Now Scott gets recognised at work, with fans of his programme spotting him and wanting to chat about meat.

Dad-of-three, Scott, said: “People are really liking their food and butchery.

“They don’t come to this channel unless they want to learn something.

“I’ve got a lot of experience and knowledge and people seem to really want to find out about butchery and like the simple, no bull approach.”

swns_meat_birds_07This week he was given an award by YouTube for hitting 100,000 views on the video sharing website.

Scott added: “When I started I didn’t have a clue how to edit or shoot with a camera, then I started getting better lighting and cameras. Now I watch TV shows and get tips from good camera angles.”

He has received backing from Tim Maddams of River Cottage, celebrity chef Phil Vickery, broadcaster Nigel Slater and chef Tom Kerridge.

Just like the turducken, the 15-bird roast will be donated to charity.


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