Britain’s best neighbours celebrate 60 years together without a cross word


Meet Britain’s best neighbours – two great-grandmothers who have lived happily next to each other for SIXTY years without a single row.

Edna Wenham, 94 and Mary Daniels, 89, moved into their semi-detached homes in Milton, Cambs., within days of each other in July 1950, and have been friends
ever since.

The pair originally rented their three-bedroom homes from the council but bought them out in 1987 – for just £15,000 each.

They say the secret of their success is never going into each other’s houses and getting involved in every aspect of community life – from Scrabble clubs to
whist drives.

Both Edna and Mary also remember the birthdays of each other’s children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and call each other for a chat every day.

And when they need anything, such as a cooking ingredient, they just pop next door and get it.

Retired domestic service worker Mary, said times had changed since she moved in to Milton with her husband Charlie and two young sons more than half a century

If you can beat 60 years living in harmony with your neighbour our newsdesk would love to know –


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