Britain opens its first WOOD BANK for struggling families to get free fire fuel


Hard-up families struggling to meet soaring energy bills can stock up on free fuel – at Britain’s first WOOD BANK.

Bosses at Cornish Firewood got the idea from the growing number of foodbanks set up to help the poor.

The firm in Blackwater, Cornwall, will be offering bags of logs to the sick, the low paid, the elderly and those on benefits.

Organiser Lisa Dell said the first parcel of wood was dished out to an elderly woman who couldn’t afford to put her central heating on.

Lisa said: “Some customers are facing the dilemma of heating or eating. There are so many people out there who are working but are still struggling.”

Cornish Firewood said it was contacting other firewood suppliers to see if the scheme could be rolled out across the country.

Owner Jason Thomas added: “We are the biggest producer of firewood in the county, delivering around 2,500 bags each week.”

“We do a lot of work on sustainability but we wanted to give something back.”


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