Boy, 2, suffers first-degree burns after running barefoot across a PLAYGROUND


A two-year-old boy who ran barefoot across a playground’s rubber floor suffered first-degree BURNS to his feet.

Myles Dyer began screaming in agony after he dashed over the safety matting without his shoes in 28C (82F) heat.

Horrified mum Carly, 28, scooped her little boy up and found his feet covered in painful blisters.

Miles was taken to hospital following the accident at Millennium Town Park in St Heliers on the Channel Island of Jersey.

He had superficial burns to both feet and won’t be able to walk for a week while they remain bandaged.

Furious Ms Dyer said: “Myles was playing in the water fountain with a friend when they ran off towards the play area before I had a chance to put his shoes on.

“He was in there for about a minute or two before he started screaming saying his feet were hot. I picked him up to find them red raw and there were two blisters.

“He has suffered superficial burns on both feet which means he has to wear dressings on them for a least a week. He is unable to walk and has resorted to crawling.”

Derek Noble of Jersey’s Transport and Technical Services Department said warning signs would be erected in the next few days.

He said: “This is the first incident of its kind to be reported to us. We are going to be putting up signs asking parents to ensure their children are wearing shoes.”


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