Bride is transported to wedding in a skip


A groom gave his bride a rubbish start to married life by transporting her to their wedding – in a SKIP.

Bride is transported to wedding in a skip

Businessman Nick Kearns, 45, fell for sweetheart Noreen Quin, 43, when he employed her at his skip hire business.

So on their wedding day he sent a customised skip to pick her up and whisk her to their register office ceremony on the back of an 18 tonne truck.

Romantic Nick spent weeks converting the industrial waste bin into a luxury chariot by painTing it blue to match the bride’s dress, fitting carpets and installing a perspex roof.

Bride is transported to wedding in a skip

Seatbelts were added to make it road-legal and the skip was decorated with flowers and lamps.

Nick also created a spaceship-style drop down door to ensure she could disembark gracefully.

Passers-by watch in amazement as Noreen and the skip were lowered from the lorry into the street outside Swindon Register Office, Wilts., on Saturday (04/12).

After the ceremony they both climbed back into their ‘love skip’ for the journey to their reception at a local pub.

Bride is transported to wedding in a skip

Mother-of-four Noreen, who works at Nick’s company Quicktime Skips, was delighted with her unusual mode of wedding transport.

She said: ”He always call me his princess and wanted to make me a princess’s carriage out of a skip.

”I love it, I think it’s great. I suppose it’s unusual and different. Nick’s used one of his own and done the design himself.

Bride is transported to wedding in a skip

”It’s got bells, lights, curtains, the whole lot. You wouldn’t chuck rubbish in it.

”We don’t know what we are going to do with it. We will probably keep it in the yard and we could use it for when the children go to proms and parties.”

Father-of-three Nick said the skip turned a few heads as the procession made its way to the register office.

Bride is transported to wedding in a skip

He said: ”We had a fantastic day and everything went to plan.

”About 300 people came along and they were absolutely gobsmacked when they saw it. It was a surprise to everybody.

”I call Noreen my princess and I wanted to surprise her, so that’s what I thought of. I was thinking of a horse and carriage but then I thought I could do it myself.

”I did my best to go into every detail, it took me about two and a half weeks.

”I don’t think even if Prince William and Kate were in town they would not have got the attention we got.”


  1. The Wedding trashers were a disgrace,he was a married man and run the company with his wife of 24 years,his two boys were actually ashamed of the whole thing and did not attent their fathers wedding to the hired help

    • I agree. It was all a hyped up publicity stunt which to be perfectly honest reflected on what the couple are all about. Tacky heartless garbage who travelled in the only way that suited them. Trash can


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