General view of the scene Richmond Hill in Oldbury, West Mids., where Eddie Hall was injured when the outside wall of his neighbour Brian Loveridge’s house collapsed down onto his driveway, injuring Mr. Hall and crushing several cars in his driveway. May 25 2015. A man is lucky to have escaped with minor injuries after his neighbour’s wall collapsed on him as he sat in a car on his driveway. See NTI story NTIWALL. Brian Loveridge was at home in Richmond Hill, Oldbury, when the outside wall suddenly fell on to the side driveway of his best friend Eddie Hall. Mr Loveridge ran out to find Mr Hall amongst the rubble with head injuries. A blue Citroen and another red vehicle were crushed by the impact. Mr Loveridge said he had just been talking with his neighbour and that he had been “lucky” to escape injury. Scores of fire crews, paramedics and police attended the incident which happened around 5.25pm on Wednesday. Mr Hall, said to be in his 60s, sustained minor head injuries and was taken to Sandwell Hospital.

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