FILE – Collect picture of Louie the cat belonging to Stacey Lambourne who died after having its leg severed off by a wanted attacker has told how the pet climbed three levels of scaffolding outside her flat “to say goodbye”. Sutton, London. See SWNS story SWCAT; The net could be tightening on the evil Croydon Cat Killer after tests confirmed the pets were mutilated by a human, the RSPCA has claimed. Met Police have stepped up their investigation into the horrific series of slayings, and the number of victims could rise from more than 50, after officers vowed to go back through their archives to look for any copycat killings. Scientific analysis of several headless cats found dumped across south London shows the victims were hit by a car before being decapitated, according to the charity. The bodies of more than ten felines have been found butchered in and near Croydon in the past five months – and more than 50 over the past two years.

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