Brave Ten-Year-Old Cancer Sufferer’s Hard-Hitting ‘C-Word’ Video Goes Viral

Brave 10-year-old Isabella Lyttle.
Brave 10-year-old Isabella Lyttle.
Brave 10-year-old Isabella Lyttle.

A brave 10-year-old girl battling cancer had made a hard-hitting ‘c-word’ video that has gone viral online.

Isabella Lyttle turned to social media to raise funds to help pay for life-saving cancer treatment in America because she’s running out of options in Britain.

Since the film was posted on Isabella’s Facebook Page last Friday, it has already received more than five million views.

Isabella was just three-years-old when she was diagnosed with high risk neuroblastoma in October 2010.

Having gone through a gruelling treatment regime, she achieved remission in April 2012.

But she has since relapsed three times, most recently in March this year.

Brave 10-year-old Isabella Lyttle.
Brave 10-year-old Isabella Lyttle.

Now, her family and friends have launched a social media campaign in the hope of raising £200,000 to send her to America for specialist cancer treatment that could save her life.

Isabella’s godmother, Louise Chorley, used an online creative community called One Minute Briefs t come up with an idea to raise funds.

Louise said: “I found out that Isabella’s options for treatment in the UK are running out, but that other treatments are available in America.”

Louise went through all the ideas from One Minute Briefs and started to write a script.

She said: “When I went through all the ideas, one of them jumped out at me.

“It was the line that ‘Isabella has known the ‘C-word’ since she was three years old’.

“I felt that we really needed something that would take people aback, to make them sit up and listen.

“I know it’s a bit shocking, but I thought it was the sort of thing that would get shared on social media and would hopefully help us to raise the money needed for Isabella’s treatment.

“I knew we couldn’t raise that much money just through friends and family.

“Her braveness, personality and, as you can see, brilliant acting skills are an inspiration to us all.

“The whole experience has been incredibly rewarding.

“We will do our very best to make sure it helps the family on their way to achieve their target of £200,000 to get Isabella over to America for life-saving treatment.”


Isabella lives with parents Jennie and Mark Lyttle in Walsall, West Midlands.

Jennie said: “As parents we would never have been able to cope and deal with this daily if it wasn’t for Isabella’s inspirational attitude and an army of supporters behind us.

“No matter how hard it is to hear the words ‘your child has cancer’ the only way to get through it is through a positive outlook. This is generated by Isabella alone. She is ours and everyone’s inspiration.”

Since the film was posted on Isabella’s Facebook Page on Friday, it has received more than five million views.

The film has been shared more than 30,000 times, sparking 80,000 comments in the process and has raised thousands of pounds for the cause already.

A donation text line has been set up to encourage people to donate £1-10 by texting ISLY88 to 70070 and Isabella’s Just Giving page is also receiving donations.


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