Brainless biker overtakes lorry and crashes into van before angrily throwing his gloves in a hedge


A motorcyclist has been caught on camera completely losing his rag and throwing his gloves away in disgust after smashing into a van.

But the hapless biker only had himself to blame after causing the collision by recklessly trying to overtake a truck at high speed just before a mini-roundabout.

The dramatic collision – and the biker’s loss of temper afterwards – was witnessed by trucker Tony Bradford.

Tony, 57, was travelling back to the Maritime Transport depot in Northampton when he began to slow down at a mini-roundabout .

Pulling to a stop, he noticed the motorcyclist pass him just as they were both arriving at the mini-roundabout.

He hooted his horn to warn of the impending collision but it was too late and the biker nudged the side of a van and crashed to the ground.

Thankfully, the biker escaped with minor injuries – although he suffered a seriously bruised ego.

This is the moment a biker completely loses his rag and throws his gloves away in disgust after smashing into a van (SmartWitness / SWNS)
This is the moment a biker completely loses his rag and throws his gloves away in disgust after smashing into a van (SmartWitness / SWNS)

He immediately showed his disgust following the collision by standing up, raising the visor of his helmet and angrily throwing his gloves to the side of the road.
Still raging, he completely ignored Tony, from Wellingborough, Northants, when he went over to check that he was not hurt.

The bike suffered a broken radiator but the van was not damaged and the police were not called even though the biker could have been prosecuted for careless driving.

Maritime Transport have now released the footage, shot on a SmartWitness camera, to demonstrate how dash-cams can protect drivers.

The logistics firm could have faced a messy insurance claim but the SmartWitness footage completely exonerated its driver.

Tony, an avid motorcyclist who rides customised Harley Davidsons, said: “I went over to check that the biker was okay but he didn’t want to know.

“I think he was just annoyed with himself. I was glad to have the camera rolling. It completely exonerated me from any potential future fraudulent claim.

“I’m delighted Maritime Transport have invested in this technology. As a driver it gives you peace of mind to know you have a defence when you are not to blame.”

(SmartWitness / SWNS)
(SmartWitness / SWNS)

All of the haulier’s 1,050-strong fleet have now been fitted with the £250 SmartWitness KP1 camera – which provides court admissible footage of any incidents.

Having dash-cams is paying of for motorists. Just two per cent of all collisions caught on SmartWitness cameras result in disputed insurance claims. This is against an industry average of 40 per cent of all motor claims.

Mark Berry, SmartWitness sales director, said: “This accident perfectly illustrates the value of dash-cams to all drivers.

“The footage establishes very quickly who is to blame for an accident and makes the whole business of claiming on insurance far, far simpler.

“The only people who lose out are bad and reckless drivers.”


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