Collect picture. Ocean Russell, 6, refusing to eat tuna at home in Severn Beach, England. February 2015. Russell will not eat solid food as he is afraid of choking. See SWNS story SWCHOKE; A “skeletal” schoolboy with a rare phobia of choking is so afraid he can only eat Weetabix and SOUP. Ocean Russell, seven, started rejecting solid foods when he was four-years-old after his tonsils became swollen, giving him problems eating and sleeping. But his anxiety became so severe he is now only able to eat soft mushed up cereal, soup, liquidised baked beans and mashed potato – and only under the supervision of his mum. The little lad hasn’t gained any weight in the last two years and refuses to eat at school, leaving his desperate mum Oxana, 36, worried about his future.

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