Boy Saved His Brother From Choking On A Quaver Using Moves From Mrs Doubtfire

Mikie Bowens (11) saves little brothers Paddy (5) life after he choked on a Quaver.

A hero 11-year-old saved his brother’s life from choking on a Quaver – by copying a move he learned from Mrs Doubtfire.

Mickie Bowens carried out the chest compression manoeuvre on his five-year-old brother Paddy, saving him from choking to death, his family said.

His grandmother believes he picked up the lifesaving skills watching classic Robin Williams film Mrs Doubtfire.

Paddy had been watching television at home in South Oxhey, Hertfordshire with his twin sister Angela when he started choking on a crisp on January 27.

His mother Deborah, who had been in the kitchen, rushed into the room and began smacking him on his back but it did not work.

She watched as her son got bluer and bluer in the face.

Mikie Bowens (11) saves little brothers Paddy (5) life after he choked on a Quaver. Dad John Bowens, with Angela (5), Harlie (7), Paddy (5) & Mikie (11).

Hearing the commotion downstairs, Mickie leapt into action, bursting into the living room.

He saw his brother choking, and grabbed him.

Mickie placed his arms around Paddy’s waist before performing three upwards abdominal thrusts sometimes.

The manoeuvre worked as the Quaver flew out of Paddy’s mouth.

When asked how he knew what to do, Mickie said he was not sure.

But his grandmother Elizabeth Pettengell believes that it was watching the film Mrs Doubtfire that led her grandson to spring into action.

She said: “We were watching a scene on the sofa where Robin Williams, who played Mrs Doubtfire, saved Stuart Dunmeyer when he began choking on his dinner.

“Mickie turned to me and asked what they were doing and I explained that was the Heimlich manoeuvre.

“He must have remembered it from that.

“I’m so proud of Mickie. I think he saved Paddy’s life because his mother said he was so blue. He is a hero.

“But you wouldn’t believe how small this piece of crisp was. It was enough to block his airway but it was remarkable when you saw it.”

Paddy has now recovered from his ordeal.


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