Boy, 5, banned from playing outside because he’s allergic… to the SUN

Jack Lavers-Mason, who is allergic to sunshine
Jack Lavers-Mason, who is allergic to sunshine
Jack Lavers-Mason, who is allergic to sunshine
Jack Lavers-Mason, who is allergic to sunshine

A five-year-old boy is banned from going outside to play – because he’s allergic to sunshine.

Jack Lavers-Mason suffers from an extremely rare skin condition called hydroa vacciniforme which means he’s intolerant to natural light.

Direct exposure to sunlight burns and stings his skin and makes him break out in painful blisters.

The incurable condition has forced ”bubbly, outgoing” Jack to wear a hat, dark glasses, gloves and long sleeves whenever he leaves the house.

Mum Karen Lawrence, 40, also smears the youngster with factor 50 sun cream to protect him.

Their home in Exeter, Devon, and car windows are coated with a special filter which stops 99 per cent of UV light coming through.

Karen, a mother-of-two, said: “It really affects him quite badly. He gets very red skin and blisters, overheats, feels unwell and gets very tired.

“It can happen even on an overcast day depending on how much UV light is about. We have to restrict the amount of time he can play outdoors and can never go anywhere for a whole day.”

Karen found out her son was allergic to UV-A and B radiation when he broke out in a painful rash on a family holiday with dad Peter Lavers-Mason, 50, and sister Zara, three.

He was transferred between a series of hospitals, where baffled staff struggled to find an explanation.

Karen now wants to raise #1,000 to have the windows at Jack’s school coated with a special protective film.

She added: “He is such a brave lad and is just like any little boy, he loves being out playing and he loves learning at school.

“This has become part of him. There is no cure but there are hopes that he will grow out of it as he gets older.”


  1. i know what he is going through i had it myself when i was younger and you do grow out of it just let him have his mates in to play


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