Siobhan Fields, 16, from Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, who is extremely disappointed with a tattoo she received from Daves Intenze Tattoos of Marilyn Monroe on her left arm. January 03 2013. A teenager told (Thur) how her dream of having a tattoo of her idol Marilyn Monroe turned into a nightmare — when she was left with this “monstrosity” on her arm instead. Siobhan Fields, 16, paid £50 for the image of Marilyn to be inked on her left arm but said the end result “looks more like a blow-up doll”. The heartbroken hyairdresser said rogue tattooist Dave Stewart – who does not have a council licence to operate – originally agreed to refund her money but then blocked her on Facebook. She has now reported him to police and yesterday (Thur) warned other potential victims to steer clear of the tattoo artist.

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