Book Review: Everything You Need to Know, But Have Never Been Told by David Icke


“Prepare for a perception reboot….”

So begins Everything You Need to Know, But Have Never Been Told, the uncompromising book from David Icke, the bestselling author and conspiracy researcher, dubbed one of the world’s most controversial figures.

Icke has described the book as his most comprehensive and powerful work to date, and at over 700 pages in length he’s not wrong.

Drawing upon his nearly three decades of tireless research into parapolitics, Icke brings together a multitude of seemingly unrelated conspiracy theories to show how they are all connected by a common thread: a sinister plan to enslave humanity.

At the heart of the book is the chilling argument that there is a secret, unaccountable elite calling all the shots, manufacturing world events and manipulating society’s institutions with the intention of keeping people in subservience.

He sets out his point in typically bold style: “We live in the equivalent of a computer simulation like the one portrayed in the Matrix movies and I will be revealing at length the nature of both the simulation and the ‘intelligence’ that created it. I use the term ‘computer’, but what controls the simulation is far beyond anything we would perceive as a computer.”

Those already on board with Icke’s theories and no-nonsense writing style will find this an engrossing and powerful call to arms, with the champion of the alternative view tackling everything from terrorism, media manipulation and censorship to Big Pharma and alleged historical sexual abuse cover-ups.

Icke is no stranger to these topics, but Everything You Need to Know, But Have Never Been Told isn’t a greatest hits compilation. He continues to dig deeper, revealing shocking new insights as he pieces together the grand conspiracy jigsaw.

In his mission to free the masses from their ‘perception prison’, Icke also investigates the nature of reality itself, calling upon the latest scientific understanding to illuminate his points.

His purpose throughout is to send out a ‘wake-up call’ so that the elite, whom he believes are ruling the world on behalf of a malevolent trans-dimensional consciousness, can be challenged before it’s too late.

The first step in this fight back is simply recognizing the truth, he says. With knowledge comes power, after all.

Icke sees the majority of the population happily being herded like sheep, blindly following the beat of a silent drum and queuing up to unwittingly yet actively participate in their own ensnarement.

For instance, society’s ever-growing reliance on technology, to the stage where some people, transhumanists, are now even happy to implant their gadgets into their bodies, will, Icke claims, simply make it easier for them to be controlled.

For those who have previously dismissed Icke and his theories without reading his work, they may be surprised to find that he write with fluency, humour and logic. A lot of time and thought has clearly gone into Everything You Need to Know, But Have Never Been Told, and the author firmly believes in everything he says.

The book is interspersed with autobiographical sections where Icke doesn’t shy away from his past, and these give a new appreciation of the man himself. He is dedicated to his cause and sees the jeers and arrows shot his way as part of the course when you are trying to fight against a system designed to make everyone conform.

The average reader may quibble with his conclusions, especially the more audacious ones, but nevertheless the book will get the grey matter ticking and that’s all Icke asks of his audience.

For all his critics, Icke can count thousands of fans around the world, including celebrities such as Robbie Williams, Jim Carrey and Mark Millar. If you’ve ever been curious to find out what the appeal is, then Everything You Need to Know, But Have Never Been Told is the perfect entry point.

Everything You Need To Know But Have Never Been Told by David Icke (David Icke Books) is out now, priced £14.99. Visit


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