Book Review: Duped X3 Liars! By Alice-Rose Trent


Almost 2million adults experienced domestic abuse last year, according to official statistics. Alice-Rose Trent’s powerful new novel, Duped x3 Liars!, lifts the lid on this frightening world, which affects one-in-four UK women.

By Lucy Bryson for SWNS

Trent’s autobiographical novel is a deeply moving true account of a life filled with pain, trauma and heartache. Written under a pen name to protect her own identity, it variously describes – in unashamedly vivid detail – an abusive marriage and the death of her unborn child.

The three ‘liars’ to which the title refers are Trent’s violent ex-husband Lawson; the hospital staff who she accused of medical negligence; and a celebrity who Trent believes stole her idea for a bestseller.

Alice-Rose Trent

She recounts her own harrowing story through a fictitious protagonist called Belle Windsor, a popular school high-achiever with a stable home life and a lively social circle. Belle excels in the workplace (she drives an expensive convertible shortly after leaving school) and the world is, it seems, her oyster. But her life takes a dramatic, dark twist after falling for the charms of a seemingly ‘perfect’ man. After a whirlwind romance and fairytale wedding, Belle’s new husband reveals his true colours as she finds herself subjected to violent mood swings and physical and emotional abuse.

Belle, like so many other domestic abuse victims, cannot do right for doing wrong. Trivial events cause her husband to explode with anger and the young bride finds herself walking on eggshells around him, fearful of causing another fit of rage: “During the first few weeks of marriage, Lawson would obsess, always pleading his undying love for me followed by repetitive adverse outbursts, ‘If you ever left me I would kill myself, I’m the only man for you and no one will ever love you more than me,’ this random charade would turn into fits of demonised laughter. However, as the weeks went by I felt I was losing him when his baffling behaviour raised concerns, he’d rub his head with extreme agitation accusing me of keeping secrets from other sources.” Belle’s misery is compounded by fibromyalgia, a chronic disease that causes intense pain and fatigue.

Be warned: There is a particularly painful sequence of events in which Belle is raped. But there are lighter moments, too, and even a dose of humour thanks to the frank ‘tell it as it is’ narrative style.

Thankfully she escapes the marriage (and goes on to find true love and rebuild her life), but not before tragedy reoccurs following the death of her baby – an event that Belle believes could have been prevented.

She must also contend with the theft of her own life story by a well-known celebrity.

Duped x3 Liars! is without question a harrowing and poignant tale that will resonate with women worldwide. But it is also an uplifting story of hope and strength of human spirit.

Alice-Rose Trent is not a victim but a gutsy survivor.

Duped X3 Liars! (YouCaxton Publications) is out now, priced £9.99 in paperback and £4.99 as an eBook. It is available for sale on Amazon UK.


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