Bomb-proof ‘string vest’ developed for armoured vehicles


Military boffins have developed this bomb-proof ‘string vest’ which can be fitted to armoured vehicles and withstand roadside blasts and grenades.

Bomb-proof 'string vest' developed for armoured vehicles

The Tarian Quickshield netting is designed to act as a temporary ‘band aid’ to replace broken bar armour damaged in combat.

It can be fitted without any tools and is strong enough to protect against rocket-propelled grenades.

The Quickshield, which is made of a high molecular weight polyethelyne fibre, has taken four years to develop by Bridport-based AmSafe as part of a £2.6 million contract with the Ministry of Defence and will be used in active combat from next month.

Major Gareth East from the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory said: ”The Quickshield may look like a simple net but it is far from that.

”This kit is capable of stopping a potential lethal rocket propelled grenade it its tracks and will offer the protection needed to keep our troops safe.

”This innovative capability will be hugely beneficial to our boys and girls who are operating on extended operations away from their base without impacting on the tempo of the mission.”


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