Bodies of two hospital workers discovered


The bodies of two hospital workers who died in mysterious circumstances have been discovered at their home.

The couple, named locally as porter Roy McQuillan, 50 and his long-term partner Ann Luca Del Giudici, 59, were reported missing after they failed to turn up for work at Cheltenham General Hospital.

Police officers used a crowbar to force entry into their two-bedroomed bungalow in Bishops Cleeve, Glos., on Saturday, when they made the grim discovery.

Dozens of officers arrived in the quiet cul-de-sac, where they carried out four days of forensic tests in the sealed off property.

Neighbours today said they had not seen or heard from the ”ordinary” pair for two-and-a-half weeks before police arrived.

John Hands, who lives opposite the couple’s home, said they were an affectionate normal couple.

He said: ”I was amazed when I found out. They seemed a normal, decent couple – they were always walking out of the house holding hands.”

Next-door neighbour Brian Hall added that the couple had rented the property for the past two years.

He said: ”They kept themselves pretty much to themselves and I only ever saw them when they were going to work.

”They both worked shifts, so the fact that the curtains were drawn during the day wasn’t suspicious.

”The windows had been open as well, but they were fresh air people and always had their window open – even during winter.”

The couple were discovered at their home on Saturday (26/03), when police forced their way into their pretty rented bungalow.

Hours later, an undertaker came and removed two bodies from the home.

Flowers and tributes from the couple’s family and friends have been left attached to the lamppost outside their home.

A handwritten card written ”To Grampy” said: ”I will never forget you, love Crystal.”

Connie, daughter of Royston, attached a poem to the post which read: ”You may have been here and gone but our memory will live on.

”You are loved and forever will be, you’re in a better place. We will miss you with all our heart.

”We will cry because we are apart but deep down we will see you watching down on us. I love you, Connie.”

One elderly neighbour, who has lived in the close for 40 years, said they had been given ”no information” by police officers at the house.

She said: ”We only ever saw her without him once. He was quite a big guy and used to wear a baseball cap and shorts in all weather.

”The police cordoned the whole bungalow off and had an officer stood outside at all times.

”They took loads of evidence bags out. One officer said there was no signs of injuries on the couple.

”We all have our conspiracy theories. It’s obviously something sinister, you don’t just get two bodies.

”It could be both self inflicted, or one could have caused the other.

”It’s a real mystery.”

A spokesman for Gloucestershire Constabulary confirmed the bodies had been found in the property.

He said: ”Police are currently treating the deaths as unexplained at this time and inquiries are ongoing.

”A Home Office pathologist has conducted postmortem examinations, but we are still waiting for some forensic results.

”There was no indication of third party involvement.”

He would not confirm whether the deaths were being treated as murder-suicide, or a double suicide, or other causes of death.

The families of the man and woman and Gloucestershire coroner had been informed, he added.

Cheltenham General Hospital declined to comment.


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