Bloodthirsty huskies caught on camera killing family’s pet rabbits


WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES. These shocking images show two beloved pet rabbits being ripped to shreds by a pair of bloodthirsty wild HUSKIES – in front of a horrified family.

Bloodthirsty huskies caught on camera killing family's pet rabbits

The two ‘wolf-like’ huskies set about a 20-minute feeding frenzy after tunnelling into the back garden belonging to Laurence Mandal, 30, and her young family.

Horrified mum-of-three Laurence was forced to watch from her conservatory as the snarling canines savaged the two albino rabbits in front of her two-year-old son like a ”pack of wolves”.

Fur was sent flying as the out-of-control dogs hurled the rabbits around like rag dolls and stripped the poor pets to the bone.

Laurence’s partner Leigh Scott, 34, said the family had been left traumatised by the ordeal and were unable to sleep at night.

He said today: ”My two-year-old son saw it.

”As soon as my partner saw the dogs she got him inside. I dread to think, but luckily the conservatory door was shut or he could have run out and been among it.

”It could have been much worse. It’s been terrifying – even now. It just feels unsafe.”

The two growling dogs managed to dig their way into the family garden, in Fishponds, Bristol, before breaking into the large, wire-covered hutch containing two albino rabbits.

The huskies then clamped their jaws around the body of the animals – six year old Ice and Snow – before tearing them apart in front of the young family.

Brave Laurence dashed out to try and stop the attack, but withdrew when the dogs turned on her.

Bloodthirsty huskies caught on camera killing family's pet rabbits

She was forced back inside by one of the huskies, which growled at the glass of the conservatory door while the other dog ”ripped the second rabbit apart”.

Ms Mandal could merely watch – thankful only her two-year-old son Hugo hadn’t wandered out into the garden at the time.

The rabbits were a present for the couple’s middle daughter, Talia, five years ago.

Leigh, a TV installation engineer, said: ”She went out into the conservatory and saw the dogs ripping into the cage and dragging the rabbits out.

”It was a terrible mess. We’ve seen foxes in the garden before but they haven’t tried to get through the wire. But these dogs just ripped it apart.

”One of the dogs even had green plastic tubing round his neck where he had chased the rabbit through a toy.

”Some of the bones have been completely stripped. When the wardens came they said they knew the dogs, they have had to deal with them before.

”We told the kids and they are devastated about it.”

Bloodthirsty huskies caught on camera killing family's pet rabbits

Laurence added: ”I was in complete shock it was like they were a pack of wolves.

”I have never seen anything as traumatic – we are never going to get rabbits again.”

The huskies were still feasting when Bristol City Council dog wardens – familiar with the hungry pair – arrived to take them away.

A spokeswoman for Bristol City Council said the attack was being looking into and confirmed the dogs had been taken by wardens to Bristol Dogs and Cats Home.

She said: ”The owners were notified that the dogs were being taken there. We are considering possible action against the owners in response to the incident.”

But the family revealed are concerned the pair will attack again.

Scott said: ”The next time it could be a child being attacked.”


  1. OMG EVIL how could the dogs do something as brutal as that? But you shouldn’t be discouraged by this, bunnies make wonderful pets. And ‘help’, what if it had been YOUR pet? You wouldn’t be so quick to make plain horrible comments! (PS natural to tunnel into someone’s garden and rip their pet to shreds and nearly attack them?!!)


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