Blood donor turned away by NHS – for being too big


A gentle giant condemned the NHS today after they refused to take his blood under health and safety rules because — he is TOO BIG.

Blood donor turned away by NHS - for being too big

Towering Jamie Knight, 20, has donated blood for three years without any problems since his grandmother received a life-saving transfusion.

But the 6ft 9ins man mountain was stunned when nurses turned him away from a clinic claiming they could not guarantee the beds would support his well-built frame.

Jamie, who weighs around 25 stone, even offered to bring in own blow-up bed or lie on the FLOOR – but the blood nurses refused to budge.

He said: ”I am probably a little bit heavier than I ought to be, but I am a very big bloke. I am not massively overweight for my height.

”All I want to do is give blood. I have given at least six pints in the past and have never had a problem.

”But last week they sat me down and said if I could not assure them I was under 25-stone, then I could not give blood.

”They were worried the bed would not take my weight. I said I had not weighed myself, so could not guarantee it.

”I told them I was prepared to do it whatever the consequences – at my own risk – but they weren’t having it.

”I was gutted – especially as they are always appealing for people to give blood.”

Blood donor turned away by NHS - for being too big

Jamie, a foundry planner from South Petherton, Somerset, started giving blood three years ago – turning out at his local church when the NHS donor service came to town.

But he was stunned last week when staff turned him away from a session in Martock unless he could prove he weighed under 25 stone.

Larger-than-life Jamie – who has just finished performing as the Giant in Jack and The Beanstalk at his local carnival – was left feeling humiliated.

Jamie, who lives with girlfriend Jenny, 24, said: ”I called the helpline to see if there was a bigger bed anywhere in the country where I could go – but I was told there was nowhere they were aware of.

”I have been in hospital several times, particularly when I was younger because of my height.

”I’ve also been to the doctors and there’s never been a problem with getting on a bed.”

A spokesman for the NHS Blood and Transplant Service said: ”We cannot discuss individual cases.

”However any donors wanting to contact us with a query can call our donor helpline on 0300-1232323.

”We would also be happy to discuss the situation directly with the individual concerned.”


  1. Across the pond, here in the USA, we are required to give a weight when donating blood. If you dont know it, they have a scale handy….

  2. HAhahaha. The NHS is too cheap to have a scale handy and too poorly educated to understand the physics behind supportive structures, metal stresses and load.

    • tbh mate, you wanna shut your gob :L that guy is my cousin, and it aint his fault that he is that big, cuz he’s really tall. so shut it (Y)

      • XLittlemissslutter, Are you as big as Gomer ,or didn’t you get fed in the womb.???
        Why don’t obese people admit it.If he had broken the table ,I bet he would be the second (behind you) to sue the company !

        • aha your funny mate. nah i aint as big as him, but it aint his fault, ever since i remember him he’s been big, and tbh, he’s given blood for the past three years, and never had no shit before. So yeh I think you should shut your gob and leave him alone. Cuz if you were 6 foot 9 then you wouldn’t exactly be 5 fricking stone would you. No. So Shut it. Yeh. Good.

  3. How tall is he 15 feet ????? He is a fat slob and won’t admit it like most obese people.
    His blood would be so full of cholesterol that it would slip off the table.


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