Lisa Rennison, 40, from Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. See MASONS story MNBLOBBY. An obese mother who shed almost half her body weight has kept the bulk off for 12 YEARS by carrying a photo reminder in her handbag – of when she looked like MR BLOBBY. Lisa Rennison, 40, launched her bid to get healthy after breaking down in tears when she got stuck in a pair of trousers in a Marks and Spencer changing room. After a lifetime of unhealthy eating the determined mum-of-one shrank for 12 stone – a dangerous weight for her petite 5ft 2ins frame – to a much healthier seven stone. The weight loss meant she dropped from a staggering 13 dress sizes – from hefty a size 18 to a size six thanks to rigorous exercise and strict diet.

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