The fastest blind man in the world, daredevil Mike Newman, after driving a 5.5 tonne race truck at 120mph, breaking a world record, and raising money for his charity Speed of Sight. The challenge took place at Elvington Airfield in York. See Ross Parry copy RPYTRUCK. A blind man has sped into the record books after driving a truck at 120 MILES AN HOUR. Mike Newman, 53, set a world record after clocking up 120.04 miles an hour in the 5.5 tonne specially adapted racing truck. Mike, who has been blind since birth due to glaucoma, was alone in the truck’s cabin, but received radio instructions by radio from British truck racer Dave Jenkins, who followed behind the speedster in a car. Dad-of-two Mike, spent the morning carrying out a series of practice runs with co-drivers alongside him, but began racing on his own yesterday afternoon (Mon) at Elvington airfield, near Pocklington, East Yorks.

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