Angel Sunley of Henstridge, Somerset who makes fully functional armoured giant movie replica suits pictured in his Iron Man suit that will cost you £1,200. See SWNS story SWIRON A superhero fan has turned his hobby into business – selling giant replica IRON MAN suits and helmets. Talented Angel Sunley, 33, decided to try and make a helmet from the popular comic after injuring himself at work as a blacksmith in 2007. He honed uploaded a video of the amazing mask to the Internet and received messages from fans around the world asking him to create one for them too. Angel began selling the fibreglass helmets for – and has since expanded his collection to include suits for video game Halo and 1980s icon RoboCop. He has a stack of orders for 2103, with fans in America ordering super hero suits, helmets and plaques. 4 January 2013.

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