Biker who broke every bone in her face in horror smash wins £170k compo

Elizabeth Skerratt who broke every bone in her face following a motorbike crash

A woman who was put back together “like a jigsaw” after she broke every bone in her face in a horrific motorbike crash has won a £170,000 payout.

Elizabeth Skerratt, 29, also smashed her neck, leg and wrists in the collision which has also left her with memory problems.

She was almost killed when a driver pulled out of a junction and straight into the path of Elizabeth’s Gilera Runner motorbike.

Paramedics dashed to the scene of the crash, which happened on the A51 in Tarvin, Cheshire,. on October 4, 2012.

She was airlifted to A&E and Elizabeth spent a week in intensive care in Fazakerley Hospital in Liverpool.

She was then transferred to the Royal Stoke University Hospital where she had surgery on her shattered jaw and broken leg.

Elizabeth Skerratt who broke every bone in her face following a motorbike crash
Elizabeth Skerratt who broke every bone in her face following a motorbike crash

Elizabeth has now undergone eight operations in the four years since the accident and still has more dental work to be done.

Today (Tue) she received a £170,000 payout from insurance firm Direct Line to compensate her for the “serious physical and psychological damage” she suffered.

Elizabeth, who lives in Milton, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs., said she struggles to concentrate and still suffers constant pain in her right leg.

The NHS admin worker added: “Most of 2012 is a complete blur.

“All I can remember is waking up in hospital after I came out of my induced coma and my parents came to visit me.

“The recovery has been a long process. I was basically put back together like a jigsaw. I have still got some dental work that needs to be done but I’ve had all the surgery.

“I broke my right leg in two places, my wrists, my neck and every bone in my face, my jaw, cheekbones and eye sockets. I have got 12 plates in my face.

“I feel very lucky to be alive. I was wearing a full-face helmet as I know how dangerous biking can be and I didn’t want to take the risk. Ultimately it saved my life.”

Elizabeth Skerratt in hospital after horror crash
Elizabeth Skerratt in hospital after horror crash

Elizabeth had studied two years of a geography degree at Aberystwyth University and had hoped to finish the course at Staffordshire University.

Despite her devastating injuries, Elizabeth said she has no hard feelings towards the motorist who wasn’t prosecuted over the crash.

She added: “For the first few months after the crash I couldn’t walk and I couldn’t use crutches because of my broken wrists.

“I have made a good recovery but the compensation will help me to take back control of my life and begin to move on from the accident.

“When I look back it was just an unfortunate thing that happened to me.

“I was quite upset at the time but I don’t have any negative feelings towards the driver.

“I wish she had taken more care but it could have happened to anyone.

“Lots of people don’t look out for motorbikes when they pull out from junctions, it happens all the time.

“I learned to ride a bike before I drove a car so I am aware of the dangers.

“These days I just drive a car because it is a lot more practical for me. I do miss the bike but I don’t think I will ride one again.”

Elizabeth's broken leg following the crash
Elizabeth’s broken leg following the crash

Elizabeth’s mum Jenifer Skerratt, 50, from Milton, added: “Obviously when we heard the knock at the door, it is something you always dread, and as no-one had any information the drive up was horrendous.

“We didn’t know what to expect at the end.

“When we walked into the critical care unit at the hospital that was the worst moment ever, seeing her lying there with all the tubes and bruises.

“But now she is able to buy her own home and she is ready for the next stage of her life.

“She will always have the scars to remind her of what happened but we are so proud of how she is just getting on with things.”

SWNS_SKERRATT_FACE_10Elizabeth’s civil claim was brought by serious injury specialists Fletchers Solicitors who are based in Southport, Merseyside.

Lawyer Louise Riley said: “This has been an incredibly difficult time for Elizabeth and made even tougher because she doesn’t remember much of what happened.

“This case emphasises the need for drivers to be extra careful when pulling out of junctions to make sure there isn’t a biker in their path so that accidents like this can be avoided.

“Elizabeth has secured the compensation she deserves and we hope this will enable her to move on from the accident and rebuild her life.”


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