You can now get the big picture in your own home – thanks to Britain’s biggest telly


Britain’s biggest telly has gone on sale just in time for Christmas – but you’ll struggle to get it in your stocking.

The LG Ultra HDTV has a whopping 84-INCH screen – wider than a VW Golf and more expensive at an eye-opening £22,499.99.

It is the first of a new breed of massive smart televisions which can convert standard pictures into high definition 3D pictures.

Pretty model stands stands next to the whopping 84″ TV

A number of new features are also built into the 7ft-wide telly including film-on-demand apps and subscription streaming services like LOVEFiLM, Netflix and blinkbox.

The giant screen boasts pin-sharp 3D images and comes with five pairs of viewing glasses – enough for the whole family.

It can even divide the screen to show two different 3D pictures – for split-screen gaming and viewing two films at once.

Built-in wi-fi and four HDMI ports means it can handle even the most extensive collection of tech while the voice-activated controls make struggling to find the remote down the back of the sofa a thing of the past.

The ultra high-definition screen provides incredible picture quality

Thankfully, the monster telly comes with free delivery and installation.

It is now on sale in ten different outlets across the country, including John Lewis Sloane Square.

But while it is Britain’s biggest there is one that is even larger in America – a 90 INCH monster unveiled earlier this year by rivals Sharp which is only on sale in the US.

And the world’s largest and most expensive high-definition video screen is at a racecourse in Tokyo, and measures a massive 37ft by 218ft.

Mitsubishi Electric built the £17.5 million giant screen for Tokyo Racecourse and it covers the area of three tennis courts.


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