Big-Hearted Man Proposes To The Love Of His Life ‘And’ Her Disabled 15-Year-Old Sister So She Doesn’t Feel Left Out

Ashley Schaus, 23, Will Seaton, 25, and Ashley's sister Hannah Schaus, 15.
Ashley Schaus, 23, Will Seaton, 25, and Ashley's sister Hannah Schaus, 15.
Ashley Schaus, 23, Will Seaton, 25, and Ashley’s sister Hannah Schaus, 15.

This is the emotional moment a man proposed to his partner AND her disabled little sister at the same time – so she wouldn’t feel left out.

Big-hearted Will Seaton, 25, got down on one knee and asked girlfriend of six years Ashley Schaus, 23, to be his bride.

But before popping the question, he turned to her 15-year-old sister Hannah, took her hand and asked her to be his best friend for life.

Romantic Will gave Ashley a gold engagement ring with a diamond that belonged to his great-grandmother, while he gave Hannah a ring his grandmother had as a child.

Hannah has Down’s Syndrome and suffers from diabetes, so needs constant care and is inseparable from her big sister.

When Ashley, a geologist, and Will, a power plant operator, met in 2010, she told him that Hannah was part of the package.


Ever since, the trio have spent almost every day together, watching films, eating dinner together, going fishing and enjoying days out at theme parks.

The sisters both said yes, and now Ashley and Will will marry in October – but Hannah will also play a key role in the wedding day as ‘the best sister’.

Ashley, of Santa Claus, Indiana, US, said: “When Hannah was born my parents told me she was going to have special needs and I would have to look after her more than a regular sibling.

“We became really close and enjoyed doing all the things best friends do – we would have sleepovers and have fun together. She was my sidekick.

“When I met Will I explained to him that Hannah was going to be with me forever and one day I will have to be her guardian.

“He took her under his wing and said, ‘I will treat her like a little sister.’

“He went above and beyond, which was wonderful. Hannah was always going to come first, and if he couldn’t understand that, I would have kicked him to the kerb.”

Will proposed to Ashley and Hannah in a field of daffodils by their home, where they had gone to have some family photos taken.

Ashley Schaus, 23, Will Seaton, 25.
Ashley Schaus, 23, Will Seaton, 25.

Ashley said: “Will had already talked to a photographer and said he was going to propose.

“He proposed to Hannah first and we were all balling our eyes out. I said, ‘Am I next?’ and he looked at me and got down on one knee and proposed to me.

“We both said yes.

“I felt relieved and so happy for Hannah. I was just so excited that she got to experience it because I don’t know if she will meet someone or get married herself.”

At the wedding in October, Hannah and Will will share best friend vows, including that they will be friends for life, go fishing and share jokes.

Will Seaton, 25, and Ashley's sister Hannah Schaus, 15.
Will Seaton, 25, and Ashley’s sister Hannah Schaus, 15.

They will even have a best friend first dance to ‘Best Friend’ by Harry Nilsson.

Will said: “I came up with the idea when Ashley began talking about how she wanted to include Hannah in our wedding.

“I decided to do it because I knew it’d make her happy and I enjoy including her.

“Hannah is like a little sister. She is a big part of my life


“Ashley is wonderful. She’s a great sister and she’ll be a great wife here soon. I love her a lot.

“I’m glad they said yes it felt good and I’m looking forward to the wedding.”

Hannah added: “I love Will. It is amazing.”


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