Big fat wedding for Cher Lloyd and Aiden Grimshaw?


Bonkers X Factor rumour of the day: Cher Lloyd is secretly dating Aiden Grimshaw and is desperate to “marry” him.

Big fat wedding for Cher Lloyd and Aiden Grimshaw?

The pair, who are currently working on the X Factor tour together, allegedly came clean about their romance after rumours began spreading.

According to The Daily Star, Cher told pals: “Aiden is my perfect guy. I’d get married to him.

“He and I are two very different people but he is so quirky.

“He makes me laugh all the time and my dad loves him.”

As Cher has Romany roots, the rest of the wannabes have all – rather predictably – been teasing the pair about having a big fat gypsy-style wedding.

A source told the paper: “Every time Cher and Aiden are seen together backstage, all the singers are joking to her: ‘Got your big fat wedding dress yet?’

“We’re all expecting a big Disney-style cake too and lots of spray tan.”

Cher, usually quick to respond to tabloid tales on her Twitter feed, has yet to comment on the latest rumour.



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