Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’s Paddy Doherty branded ‘scum’ by family members


Big Fat Gypsy Wedding star Paddy Doherty has been slammed by relatives after the cousin he accused of attacking him walked free from court.

Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’s Paddy Doherty branded ‘scum’ by family members

The family of Johnny Joyce, 20, who was found not guilty of causing grievous bodily harm with intent after a five day trial, said hardman Paddy had paid the price for ‘grassing’ to police.

Johnny’s mum Ann, 40, told The Daily Mirror: “Doherty is a police informer and now he is a liar.

“He chose the police. We have been travelling people all our lives. We don’t do things that way. We have kept our part of the bargain.

“We won’t be causing any problems. If anything happens, it will come from his side. He is scum.”

Paddy, 52, who appeared on the Channel 4 show talking about his bare knuckle fighting past, alleged that Johnny broke his jaw in an unprovoked attack at a caravan park.

He was taken to hospital where he suffered a stroke and is now unable to clench his teeth.

However, the jury at Manchester crown court accepted Jonny’s claim that he had acted in self-defence.

Johnny said of the trial: “I’m proud to be out and free. I’m proud of what I did. I was just defending myself. Justice has been served.”

During the trail Paddy had insisted it was his wife’s decision to call the police.

He told the court: “I didn’t make a complaint – my wife rang the police. I was subpoenaed here. I didn’t want to come.”

Traditionally traveller men settle disputes in ‘fair’ fights with referees instead of involving police and the authorities.


  1. ithink the people starring my big fat gypsy wedding seem to be good people all they want is a quiet life not hassel from the law they are clean honest people i feel people should leave them alone what other people say to this comment

    • You have missed some vital points like when a family got thrown out of a hotel the night before a wedding because the kids ran riot and upset otehr guests. they are all on there best behaviour becuase they are getting PAID by t he TV company. I respect you may not of had alot of contcat with gypsies of travellers , because if you had you’ll see they are incapable of behaving like human beings in the wider communities and sort out everything through violence

      • Do you no many gypsies or are you just one of the people that tar every one with the same brush! i am a romany gypsy and myself and my family are well respected by alot of gorgey people like you maybe we dont like alot of your kind but i dont judge until i no the facts! people like you should shut that big mouth and have some respect cut us and we all bleed red blood we aint aliens you no get to no people before you judge!!

      • You have got to be joking! They are complete and utter theiving scumbags!
        Only 3 days ago four boys who appeared not to have to attend school, (unlike MY children)attempted to murder my pensioner mother by placing bricks and bottles across her exit from our local garage.

        Clean and honest? I don’t think so!!!!
        They are disgusting examples of what needs to be exterminated from our society. Scum breeds scum!

  2. to addampamment………….. iam an irish traveler and me and my family get on very well with the local people where we live and have quite a lot of freinds that live in houses like your self.but they have more intelligence than u as they got to know us before they juged us .so why dont u come out of your little shell. and live in the real world were not all bad as what we are painted…just like that estate in london where that boy got shot.should we all think.oh yes they all carry guns thair. i dont think so but if every one was as bad as u that is what we would be led to belive. and regarding your comment about them all getting paid for my big fat gypsy wedding.well i know for a fact none of them got paid goes to show u dont know nothing.but channel 4 got millions for it

  3. they do get paid for gypsy weddings cos my 2nd cousin was a bride on it. thats how they can afford big weddings, we arent all rich.

  4. I think alot of Gypsy folk are given a bad rap, its true every culture has a darkside for instance you have the English and then you have Chavs just as in my eyes you have Gypsys and you have Pikeys, all colours and creeds have that side of their culture that tarnishes their good name and only the weak minded brand others with the negative i have alot of traveller friends some i respect and trust and others not as far as i could spit them but it does not make me tar the whole culture with the Pikey brush its just ignorance that has people fearing what they couldnt even begin to fathom. RealTalk!


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