Big Brother champion Josie Gibson to head down under with John James


Big Brother champion Josie Gibson will jet off to Australia with her housemate love John James Parton, her family revealed today.

Yesterday Josie’s aunt Kay Gibson, who raised Josie at her home in Westerleigh, Bristol, said: ”I think going to Australia will be the next thing – I’m sure as eggs is eggs.

”She was crying on the phone to me, ‘I’m a disapointment, I’ve failed you all, I’m sorry.’

”I said, ‘You’ve only gone and won bloody Big Brother you silly mare.’ We’re not disappointed in her.

”We just want her back in one piece and to be happy. We’re over the moon with her. We just want to get her home and love her up a bit.”

When asked why Josie decided to leave the house Kay added: ”I think the sniping about John James. She loves him. And the fact she couldn’t take anymore.

”If she’d spent sometime with her family when she came out it might have been different but she had to go straight back in.

”I don’t know if there’s a chance of her going back in, I think she’s made up her mind.”

Former sales rep Josie broke down after new housemates Nadia Almada and John McCririck criticised the credibility of her relationship with John James.

She left the house less than 48 hours after beginning the two-week ”Ultimate Big Brother” follow-up.


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