Online directory of London service providers set to shake-up marketplace

Bidvine is a marketplace for professionals in London
Bidvine is a marketplace for professionals in London

A new online directory of service providers in London is set to shake up the marketplace when in launches in June. will match professionals such as photographers, plumbers, tutors and personal trainers with customers looking for their work.

The concept of automatically finding the best match for the consumer and tradesman will provide competition to traditional listings site.

Bidvine is a marketplace for professionals in London
Bidvine is a marketplace for professionals in London

Bidvine hopes that it will revolutionise the directory niche in London – a city with a population of more than 7 million people.

Bidvine founder and CEO Sohrab Jahanbani said: ‘We are setting out to create a unique and all-encompassing marketplace which will bring greater opportunities for service professionals in the UK.

‘We saw numerous inefficiencies in the traditional process of finding and quoting for new work, and sought to change an out- dated process. Bidvine will be the most efficient way for professionals not only to find new work but also to quote for jobs – time should be focused on billable hours, rather than searching for your next job.’

The site has been successful trialed for the last two months with more more than 2,000 service providers now registered.

In June, Bidvine will carry out a full consumer launch in London, offering more than 180 services, covering categories including personal trainers, tradespeople, tutors, photographers and caterers.

The site functions by professionals specifing what services they offer and where they offer them. Bidvine then gives them existing customer requests that match the professional’s location and service offering. Professionals can then view these requests and quote on the projects they are interested in. They only see those jobs that are relevant to them, no more wasting time on jobs that are unsuitable or outside of their coverage area.

Bidvine only allows a maximum of five quotes per project – this provides enough selection for the customer, while remaining competitive for the professional.

It is free for professionals to view requests and only pay a fee when they decide to send a quote – this gives professionals complete control over their marketing spend. Bidvine does not charge any type of registration or monthly subscription fee.

Professionals on Bidvine are being introduced to new customers at a fraction of the cost of traditional sales and marketing efforts. Professionals can also save time by cutting out site visits and introductory meetings because they receive detailed requests that include sufficient and relevant information to provide an accurate quote. Bidvine only makes the initial introduction; once the customer chooses a professional, a direct relationship between the customer and professional begins.

Sohrab added: ‘From the professional’s perspective, Bidvine’s online process is more efficient and cost effective than traditional ways of finding and quoting for work.

‘From the consumer’s perspective, Bidvine is a free, fast and efficient way to find and hire the best person for the job. Bidvine hopes to remove all the legwork of finding a provider that is interested, qualified and available to carry out consumers’ projects.’

Juan Rezzuto, Director of the West Kensington Music Team, has been using Bidvine for the last few weeks. She said it was one of the best advertising platforms she has found.

She added: ‘Bidvine is indeed the most efficient advertisement solution any service provider can find over the internet. It has certainly allowed us to get directly in touch with far more customers than ever before boosting our client base significantly, regularly and reliably.’

Professionals interested in joining the network can find out how Bidvine works by visiting their site.


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