Bib-otelli: Footballer Mario Balotelli struggles to put on bib


This hilarious clip captures the moment £125,000 a week footballer Mario Balotelli was left stumped as he had to be dressed by a club official after struggling to put on a training BIB.

Footballer Mario Balotelli bungles putting on bib

Bungling Balotelli, who was signed by Manchester City for astonishing £24million, was caught on camera struggling with the clothing ahead of Thursday night’s Europa League clash against Dynamo Kiev.

The former Inter Milan star, 20, can be seen desperately trying to pull the white bib over his head before getting his arms stuck.

A disbelieving member of City’s backroom staff is then helping the Italian superstar into the bib – before he takes it off after realising it’s the – WRONG COLOUR.

The hilarious clip, which has been seen by over 50,000 people on Youtube, then shows him being dressed a SECOND TIME by the patient club official, who fits him with the correct blue one.

Pundits Robbie Savage and Ray Stubbs are discussing the player’s impact at the club as they watch him trying to fit the bib, which was aired live on ESPN on Thursday.

Savage said: ”What’s he doing with that? He can’t even get his bib on there.

”I think I’m going to change his name to Mario ‘Bib’otelli. What’s he doing though with that bib?”

Stubbs is heard commenting: ”You need a bit of assistance sometimes, he’s got support now” before adding: ”Now you put your left arm in there, and your right arm in there” as the pair break out into howls of laughter.

But the striker suddenly realises he has the wrong coloured bib and removes it before the despairing official returns to replace it with the club’s trademark blue bib.

Last week the player, who has hit ten goals for the club in 18 games since joining last August, had to be substituted during a match after he complained of being allergic to the type of grass which was used.

Savage adds: ”Last week he had to come because he was allergic to grass, this week he’s got ‘bib-itus’.”

Balotelli finally managed to dress and undress himself for the match – in which he was sent off for dragging his studs down an opposing players’ legs after half an hour.

The Sky Blues won the match 1-0 but went out of the competition after succumbing 2-1 on aggregate.


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