Best vacation ever


Have you ever fantasized about your dream vacation? I certainly have, often, and usually at moments when i have a lot of other important things to do instead of daydream. It usually happens when I’m at work, in front of the computer screen and tired of having dealt with the same stuff for the last year without much of a time off. It can also happen in the middle of a conversation, when a friend or even a significant other is trying to tell me a story, which I have already heard or have no interest in hearing.

Usually it starts with external triggers, such as somebody ordering a cocktail, or maybe hearing a song of an artist I have always wanted to see in concert. And then the mind just takes of on its own, impossible to control, until it is too late and ends in chaos and usually somebody getting upset with me and starting to shout, bringing me back to reality.

While most people probably dream of visiting far away countries, like Japan, Brasil or the United States of America, to see world wonders such as the Great Wall of China, the pyramids in egypt, maybe even spend a fortune in Las Vegas or see famous movie stars in hollywood, there are others who would spend their free time to pursue their hobbies in beautiful landscapes like playing golf in private resorts or cycling along long sunny roads. I, on the other hand, am a little different.

Usually, when I daydream about possible vacations, it results in being the best places where i can get drunk and have a great time. Since that kind of rules out half of the globe, I tend to return to a simple daydream, which is easily adjustable and has a great amount of potential.

An incredible Ibiza VIP experience with my friends and family, all expenses paid and no questions asked.

First of all I would rent myself some luxury villa somewhere on the island. You know the ones I mean: with fifty something rooms and a couple of infinity pools, hot tubs, saunas and spectacular views. Then I would invite all my friends over and enjoy every nook and cranny of the place. Get drunk in the pool, get drunk in the sauna, fall asleep drunk in one of the fancy bedrooms of maybe even one of the wardrobes that are bigger than my flat.

After having recovered from the terrible sunburn I am sure to have received after day drinking, I may even be able to start enjoying the beautiful island a little. I could rent a luxury high end sports car and go visit all the beaches with the crystal blue waters to spend the day and finally fill the cars carpets with sand. Maybe rent a boat or even a yacht and take it out to high sea to go fishing or maybe swim with dolphins. Not that I would really try to catch anything, but it must be fun to get drunk on a boat. And if you throw up you can always blame it on the sea sickness. 

Having surely not caught anything fishing and been drinking for a while, I could start putting some nourishment in my body, visiting exquisite restaurants in the mediterranean and trying some typical spanish dishes like paella or ordering every type of tapa they have to offer, accompanied of course by jugs of ice cold sangria or a waterfall of mojitos. 

Now that I have filled my belly I can go shopping, since everybody knows that it is never a good idea to go shopping on an empty stomach. And being in the world famous Ibiza there are sure to be many stores that sell great clothes for me to wear in the evening when I visit the spectacular nightlife and clubs the mediterranean island has to offer. Especially in summer, when the world’s best DJs come to Ibiza to show their skills all summer long, each and every night, in all kinds of magical and fascinating environments. And after the clubs close and the sun has come out, I could bring everybody back to the incredible luxury villa I rented for the afterparty and maybe even breakfast, or possibly lunch, knowing how extreme and out of hand the parties in Ibiza can become. Maybe one of the luxury villas even has a hangover room, with dim lights and soft music to help recuperate after the many hours of drinking. 

Sadly, this incredible experience must remain a daydream for me, since, although it is easy to dream, it is a bit more difficult to do if you are always getting into trouble with your boss for daydreaming.